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Thread: WTS: Fender Japan Telecaster TL-68 "Beck"

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    WTS: Fender Japan Telecaster TL-68 "Beck"

    Hi All, selling a Fender Japan Beck Telecaster, in excellent condition. This is made in Japan for the domestic Japanese market (JDM) and is rarely seen overseas. Pictures can be found here:

    Unique translucent blond color in satin finished, 2pc ash body where you can admire the beautiful ash grain (yes ash, not the usual basswood that the MIJ tele usually comes with, and arguably better than alder, and not solid color to cover any defects or multiple pieces).

    Pickups are the USA vintage pups, Schaller F tuners, beautiful rosewood neck, 95% fret life. Comes with Fender gigbag.

    Willing to let this go at a very reasonable price of SGD 1050, willing to deal at your convenience. Don’t miss this deal, very hard to come by.

    Interested buyers please feel free to PM me. Thanks.

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