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Thread: SkyLAN ~ The Earth Survives

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    SkyLAN ~ The Earth Survives

    hi folks,

    after my 1st Eng song "Inclusive Society"

    i hereby present my 2nd hit "The Earth Survives"
    which talks about how important our mother Earth is and that we should be glad we are still here in the Universe...

    my song can be downloaded at

    like to dedicate to all Earthlings who have contributed to the Environmental movement around the world.
    it makes a difference by just putting rubbish into the bin; the best is recycling bin for all recyclable materials like plastic, paper or metal.

    ^ ^
    Sky LAN
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    Re: SkyLAN ~ The Earth Survives

    i have been scouting for a suitable lady voice to sing the female cover of this song.

    if you think you have what it takes, you may email your

    1) full name
    2) gender : F
    3) age 21-35
    4) contact number
    5) self-intro
    6) clip of your crooning


    we will do up a proper project to market your voice in social media
    see ya!

    ^ ^

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    Re: SkyLAN ~ The Earth Survives

    made some minor changes to the lyrics subtitles

    do share my url

    ^ ^

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