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Thread: (***** Singapore General Election

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    (***** Singapore General Election

    dear fellow Singaporeans,

    our Singapore General Election is drawing near

    and i hereby present my Non-Partisan "Nationalistic-song" titled

    Singapore General Election

    ^ ^


    Singapore General Election

    ~ Sky LAN

    We’re heading for General Election
    We’re choosing the best of the leaders
    We’re changing our country for the better
    Just believe, Just do it, my pleasure

    Don’t worry, be happy
    Our neighbours won’t share this
    The party they’re voting is which

    So easy to Polling
    The ballot, just cross it
    The name of the party to win

    We’re heading for General Election
    It happens just once every five years
    The moment you make up your mind
    Our country will be Just, forever
    Our Singapore will be strong and…FREE !!!
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