Hi there,

I am an amateur female singer songwriter looking for a band that could help to arrange and record for my original songs for a school project, in which the recordings will start next year Jan at our School's recording studio.

There are 3 songs for this project.
The first song will be a full band song which has a more slow pop rock sound maybe like Avril Lavigne or Kelly Clarkson.
The second song is a pop/dance kind of song which I'm thinking to add some rhythm guitars in the chorus.
The third song is an acoustic song which will be pure acoustic guitars.

I am looking for a band that has 1 lead electric guitarist, 1 rhythm electric guitarist, 1 drummer and 1 keyboardist (preferred but not a must) who preferably have some experience in arranging original songs and recording. I will be singing for my songs but just a disclaimer that I am not a great singer, but I think should be decent enough for my songs.

It would be good if the electric guitarists could also play acoustic guitar for the 3rd song but if not we could just work on the 1st 2 songs and I will separately find an acoustic guitarist.

Also, it would be a bonus if you stay in the east too!

If you are interested, you can PM me or post below. Thank you!