Improve your skills and win mics worth $2,500

Take part in the LEWITT mixing contest and download the multitracks of a live recording from Saint Agnes’ song Move Like A Ghost - tracked at renowned Metropolis Studios.

The five best mixes will win a cutting-edge new LEWITT microphone.

And, of course, you can add the song to your portfolio.

“Move Like A Ghost” by Saint Agnes

Saint Agnes is a four-piece rock band formed in East London in 2014 that fuses menacing, frenzied rock with dark cinematic flare.

The song "Move Like A Ghost" is the second single released from the bands' much-anticipated debut LP "Welcome To Silvertown". Have a listen to the album version of the song to get the taste by clicking on the video.

Jon Tufnell from the band has mixed the album by himself and will be part of the Jury: “I’m really excited to hear with a song that I know inside out, what people might be able to do with it and how people will take it to the next level."

Submission deadline is December 31st, 2019 at 11:59 PM PST.