Vintage Analog polysynth on the cheap! The Oberheim Matrix 1000 is a rackmount version of the Oberheim Matrix 6. Its a 6 voice synth, with 2 oscillators per voice and a single low pass filter. It has 3 envelope generators, 2 LFOs and 2 ramp generators. Like the Matrix 6, it has extensive modulation capabilities allowing for a very diverse range of sounds.

The Matrix 1000 has 1000 presets, 200 of which are user editable. Patches can be edited via MIDI, either with VST editors like Ctrlr (I'll provide a link to a template for it) or iPad apps like Patchbase. You can also purchase a hardware editor like the Stereoping one (not included).

This unit has been upgraded with the modern 1.20 firmware ( This allows for realtime control of various parameters which was previously not possible with the much slower stock firmware/CPU.

This unit has a chip on the front faceplate, visible in the 3rd photo linked below. There are also various small cosmetic scuffs on the body typical of vintage gear. However, it is fully functioning. All controls and I/O work perfectly.

The unit uses a standard IEC power cable and can accept 100-240v. A Singapore/UK plug IEC power cable is included.

Selling for SGD880. SMS 9-23-1-007 if interested.