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Thread: Selling many cymbals splash ride crash hat

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    Selling many cymbals splash ride crash hat

    Hi all,

    Please look through below and see if there is anything you like. Text me at 97723007 to arrange collection at my place only.
    Thank you! : )

    ***I can only upload 5 pictures here so text me for pictures!***

    Most items are in super good condition.

    Vault V Ride 20 Inch
    Powerful sound
    Name:  IMG_20191013_150805.jpg
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Size:  91.5 KB

    AAX Raw Bell Dry Ride 21 Inch
    Dominant Sounding for Rock loud music
    Name:  IMG_20191013_151130.jpg
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Size:  89.5 KB
    Name:  IMG_20191013_151053.jpg
Views: 257
Size:  89.4 KB

    K Dark Thin Crash 16 inch
    Dark sounding crash which suits most music from rock to soft ballet and jazz. Warm tone and soothing to ear.
    Name:  IMG_20191013_151212.jpg
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Size:  88.1 KB
    Name:  IMG_20191013_151220.jpg
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    Paiste 2002 Crash 16 inch
    The bright sound suitable for more dance music and techno rock.

    HHX Studio Crash 16 Inch
    HHX series warm tone also suitable for many music genre. Power sound.

    HHX Evolution Crash 16 Inch
    Good sounding series. Not piercing and very nice sounding for home practice and can go on stage. Warm and bright. One of the best!

    K Mini China 14 Inch
    Warm sounding tone and slightly smaller size for home practice and also soft music performance. Suitable for rock drummer with different China cymbal sizes for Accent.

    HHX Stage Hat 13 inch bottom only. Top can't find
    Good solid chick sound from best quality Sabian hats

    HHX Evolution Splash 10 Inch

    Still have
    Totally new Pearl Vision 10 Inch Tom Birch Wood in box.

    Pearl Master 14 inch Snare black
    Powerful snare good enough for performance

    Tama artwood maple Snare 10 inch
    Good sounding snare.

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    Re: Selling many cymbals splash ride crash hat

    Evolution Crash 16" and Evolution Splash 10" Sold!

    Mai Tu Liao! Get them before others grab
    Plays drum actively for the first 5 years. Not active now.
    Mandarin(taiwan/china pop), Engish, Japanese, Cantonese, Manyao.

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