Good news to all, to accommodate quite number of enquiries about strumming class, we'll have it soon. For your schedule sake it's gonna be not only 1 class, but 2 you can choose according to your schedule. (minimum class size : 7 pax to go).

"UKULELE : STRUMMING & PLUCKING" (Under Intermediate Ukulele Class)

This class will focus on "Ukulele as Accompaniment Instrument". It trains students to be groovy, sharpens their hearing and their musical instinct in harmony, rhythm, groove, playing confidence & creativity. For you who already play strumming on ukulele, you can join this class as the instructor will be sharing practical things to add on your strumming patterns and add on some plucking patterns to your playing.

Ability to accompany singing or any other melody playing is very important and yet fun skill to develop for a ukulele player to have. You could just go anywhere with your uke and play along with other musicians, singers, or jam with any kind of music.

In the more advance level, the "groovy" instinct and accompaniment ability will enhance your solo chord-melody playing too.

Here's some spontaneous video we made at Non Entrée Desserts. We had yummy tasting & interesting looking desserts there, as well as we had fun playing music together with their pipe music and taking some experimental pictures :

They're going to close down their business this 20th October 2019. You could hurry to go there and try their amazing dessert concepts.

Back to our upcoming classes, here are details and registration links.

Mondays 3-4.30pm :

Thursdays 1-2.30pm :

Spread the info around and let's have fun in our inspiring classroom to "chang chang chang chang..." and sing together


PS : Music theories (scales, building chords, the reason behind chord progressions, melody playing technique & ensemble playing are taught & trained in our usual elementary & intermediate classes.