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    Drummer Available

    I am 23 year old this year.

    I am looking for a rather technical band to play with.

    I am interested in playing math rock, punk rock, heavy metal or progressive metal / rock.

    I am not keen in playing music where the drums are simple or death metal music.

    I make covers on youtube, you could see some of my work at

    I am currently playing songs by chon, animals as leaders, periphery, and trying out jason richardson songs.

    I enjoy playing blink-182 songs.

    I prefer to join a band who has already some originals and influence in the music scene.

    You can contact me at 90227401.

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    Re: Drummer Available

    Nice covers! Saw some videos and realise your techniques are clean and creative. Thumbs up

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    Re: Drummer Available

    Hi bro keen in post rock?

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