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Thread: Looking for Guitarist

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    Looking for Guitarist

    We are currently a 4pc band and unfortunately, one of our guitarist will be enlisted to national service and so now we are looking for a replacement and band together in the long run.

    So the current line-up as follow:
    1 x vocalist
    1 x guitarist/vocalist
    1 x guitarist (serving NS soon)
    1 x drummer

    *We are all in our 20s if you need to know and the rest of us are working adults.

    The band is currently doing more mandopop/mandorock, some english songs and a few dialects (canto/hokkien) but dialect part is very limited at the moment.

    We now have at least 1 open mic per month which will be our regular performing gig to improve ourselves, sometimes we also receive gigs for charity events too.

    The guitarist we're looking for:

    -comfortable with either accoustic/electric
    -open to all genders
    -experience wise is not an issue as long as you are passionate and willing to learn. We are also learning too

    Hit me up at 97523506 along with a demo.

    In the meantime, do check our band's instagram below:

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    Re: Looking for Guitarist

    ~bumps up~

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