Hello there
We are very casual and fun band.
I am a drummer, and we are consisted with a guitar, bass and key board.
My members used to perform professionally but
they stopped and we are now only jamming and gig time to time only for fun.

We are very easy going, but passionate about the music.
We dont like to be difficult to each other.
We also avoid the musicians with attitudes.
We only play for fun and that is all we need.
We are very easy going, and fun oriented members.

We love the singers who sings well with passion.
We also love the singers who are enthusiastic, practice hard and put a lot of effort to improve the skills to grow.

I am not certainly a pro drummer, other members are
But, I love the musician who loves the music and know how to enjoy the music.

Anyways, please let me know if you would like to try out with us.

you can send me the private message here or send me the LINE at s.taimai83

Hope to see you soon.

Thank you