Hi, I've moved to eurorack so im selling my Access Virus B. This is a virtual analog synth desktop module. Each voice has 3 oscillators with a suboscillator, along with 3 LFOS and 2 filters. The synth is multitimbral, allowing for up to 16 parts played simultaneously. There is also an effects section with a whole range of effects, including reverbs, delays, phasers, choruses, distortion, etc. Pair this synth with a software/hardware sequencer and you can write entire songs or perform entire gigs!

Everything works perfectly, though the chassis does show its age somewhat, with scratches here and there and a tiny dent in the front. During its time with me a capacitor in the power regulation circuit died and I've replaced it with a audiophile-grade Nichicon capacitor and its been running smoothly ever since. Power adapter is included.

Asking price is 850 SGD. SMS 9-230-1007 if interested.