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    Private Bass Lessons

    Structured Private Bass Guitar Lessons

    My goal is to get more students to actualise their passion for music and reach their musical goals in a consistent way- with providing them the tools to, eventually, teach themselves and self-sustain!

    If you’re/ you’ve
    - Considering starting your journey with music (Beginners)
    - Got a decent grasp of your instrument or have a band and are looking to move your playing out of a rut/plateau
    - Looking to take graded examinations like Rock School (Grade 1-8)
    - Purely a hobbyist looking to learn your favourite repertoire for the love and passion of music
    - Looking to pursue an education in music

    I have 10 years of experience as a working Musician (you can refer to my credentials at the bottom of this post!) and as a private music teacher. I am open to travelling to my student’s house for lessons and teaching from home/at a studio space.

    1. Students interested are welcome for a free trial lesson. A lesson structure will be provided with t&c of lessons conducted and fees with some materials/content to practice with as well.

    2. Topics include:
    - Basic to Intermediate Technique (Pizzicato, Slap, Thumb-Mute Style)
    - Basic to Advanced Harmony and Chordal Approach (Fretboard Mastery)
    - Basic to intermediate Ear Training (Chord Scale Based)
    - Stylistic approach to different genres (Musical vocabulary/styles)
    - Learn how to play with a click and without (Time-Feel/Groove/Sub-division concepts)
    - Setting up and instrument maintenance
    - Performance 101

    3. For under privileged kids (16 and under) who can’t afford music lessons but are interested to learn music I will definitely consider giving a discounted fee for lessons (within reason).
I grew up as a young teenager getting lessons for cheaper than the teacher usually charges because I couldn’t afford to pay for the lessons. This is my way of giving back to young kids who are interested in taking lessons with music or want to take on a career in music.


    Notable Festival festival/shows:
Asia Song Festival (Korea, Gentle Bones)
Laneway (Singapore, Sam Rui)
    Neon Lights Festival (Singapore, Gentle Bones)
    Music Matters Live (Singapore, Sezairi)
Asia Music Festival (Sarawak, Masia One)
    Zandari Festa (Seoul, Lin Ying)
    Audi Fashion Festival (Singapore, Vanessa Fernandez)
    F1 (Singapore, Sam Rui, Gentle Bones)
Western Australian Music Festival (Perth, Sezairi)
Ultra Music Festival (Singapore, Sam Rui)
    Monster Cat Tour (China)
    Mediacorp Countdown (Gentle Bones)

    Opened for:
    Empire of the Sun (w/Monster Cat)
    Yuna (w/Tengku Adil)
    Foals (Kuala Lumpur, w/Monster Cat)
    Selena Gomez (w/Gentle Bones)
Niall Horan (w/Ming Bridges)

    Video Links:
    Monster Cat - Take Me To Love

    Gentle Bones - White Noise (Stripped)


    Audio Links:
Nicholas Chim - Overboard

    Sezairi - “Sezairi” EP

    You can contact me at 82631626 to book a trial lesson! Looking forward to hearing from you!
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