4 rare guitars from my collection going under the metaphorical hammer this weekend only
- Gibson Custom Historic 1965 Firebird VII
Price reduced from 5900 to 5000.
If you just heard about the Eric Clapton Firebird I and are staring at its crazy price ($10K+), yet want some historically accurate Firebird magic, this is the ticket
- Gibson Memphis Factory prototype ES355 with rosewood fretboard, hand picked from Ochanomizu
Price reduced from 5900 to 5000
- Gibson Custom Bonabyrd, the mad Les Paul Firebird Hybrid
Price reduced from 7900 to 6900
- Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus with crazy flamed top
Price reduced from 3900 to 3000

All of them are listed on carousell under utkarshmohan guitar where you can see lots of pictures.

No trades