Hi, I am Lynn! Maybe some of you might have heard of me?

Basically, I am a regular jane with a regular job - and also a hobby singer! I sing for the band known as DeCAM and we primarily do loads of rock, the occasional pop, with our next venture/goal is to produce and publish our very own originals by 2020! You can Follow us on:

Instagram - @decam.band
Youtube - https://bit.ly/2MAn1ui

I also host the Facebook group that helps share Open Mic opportunities, helmed under the name We Are Music - https://bit.ly/2U13YKl
The group also shares music together, and we do have lively chats on all things related to music. Sometimes, we help each other with our music-related issues, ie; looking for last minute band members, etc. Mostly, it is all fun and lighthearted!

On the side, you may regularly find me in Clarke Quay, helping to host Open Mics/Open Jams under the One Jam Productions umbrella - am there on most Monday nights to help video and take pictures of the talented musicians performing.

Just briefly, for a chance to sign up for these performance opportunities, you can look it up on Facebook, Instagram and sign up for FREE on the website.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/onejamprod/

Instagram: @onejamprod

One Jam website sign-up: https://bit.ly/2P8IKvg

Hope to see you guys at some of these Open Mic places ya!