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Thread: WTS: KILN Guitar Dehumidifier

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    WTS: KILN Guitar Dehumidifier

    I have a KILN guitar dehumidifying tool for sale. Extremely useful for ACOUSTIC GUITAR dehumidification especially in our above 80% relative humidity. Prevent your guitar from getting that dreaded bridge bloat and the expensive and time-consuming bridge re-glue that can accompany this.

    Details here:,

    The reason i am selling it is because i have guitars equipped with the LR Baggs Anthem, and the heating element heats the internal mic up much more than i am comfortable with, and causes noticeable change in the pickup's tone (i tested it). While the pickup still sounds great, i am reluctant to expose those guitars to more treatments as i fear irreparable damage to that expensive pickup. Hence i invested in a general dehumidifier, which does the job but in actuality requires a longer time and more frequent usages to achieve similar results. However, do note also that I have used it on other guitars with undersaddle piezo pickup systems (like my Taylor GS Mini) and it works well, with no problems whatsoever with the pickup. Action was definitely lower after the recommended 8 hour treatment. Guitars with regular piezo/undersaddle pickups should not suffer any ill effects.

    I believe this product costs around $200 w/o shipping and moreover does not ship with a power supply unit (which cost around $15). I am selling the KILN and a suitable PSU for just $120 (nego). The condition of this unit and the PSU are super good, with less than 40 cycles of usage over the last 2 years. It has proven to be very reliable, and given that it has no moving parts and relatively simple yet effective circuitry, is designed to last a long time. It is unfortunate that i am needing to sell it.

    Snap up this unbelievable deal quickly. Contact me at eight1two3nine4three0.
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