Excellent condition with zero scratches, this much coveted bass is known for its wonderful clear tone, tight rich resonance and sweet crisp highs.

Great for soloing, harmonics or any chordal work, but its 5-control active electronics system excels in just about any style of playing from jazz to funk and R&B. Fast playing neck despite its wide dimension and sports a tight low B as well.

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  • 26-fret ebony fretboard for more voicing options
  • Low-noise double-coil custom Alnico V humbucking pickups deliver clear tonal image even when playing chords.
  • A massive solid brass bridge delivers a clear and rich sound
  • 4-ply laminated body (Alder/Ash/Maple) offer vintage and modern tones
  • Body's sculpted cutaways allow easy access to its upper reaches.

* Comes with original hardcase but I will throw in an extra bass hardcase for FREE for fast deals.

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Price: $3300 nego

Hit me up at 9-zero-29-four-970 to deal.