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Thread: Sky+Eve 爱人生日

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    Sky+Eve 爱人生日

    Dearest Eve,

    Happy Birthday 1 day in advance

    ^ ^

    postdate 17Aug19A
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    Re: Sky+Eve 爱人生日

    Honestly, Eve is a close sister. This is really a Birthday wish, with a brotherly love.

    ^ ^

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    Re: Sky+Eve 爱人生日


    i am sorry i hurt you...

    i love you...

    i always do...

    i know u love me... but is the way you love that makes me uncomfortable...

    i prefer gentle ladies

    but i never regret putting the ring onto your finger... just that i don't have the courage to marry you...

    do you know i keep that ring for 1 year, but i never gave to Wan Er? because i was't sure she is the want...
    but i gave it to you... DD.... 我给了妳

    T T
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    Re: Sky+Eve 爱人生日

    Dear admin,

    the birthday is over and Eve & i value some privacy over this event.

    appreciate if you could help delete this entire tread.

    thank you.


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