We are currently a 4pc band but our lead guitarist is enlisting for NS thus we are looking for a replacement relatively urgently

Our band currently has:
1 x vocalist
1 x guitarist/vocalist
1 x drummer

The band prefers to do more Mandopop/rock, some English songs , ballads and occasional (canto/hokkien, limited at the moment)

We currently have > 1 open mic per month This will be the most regular gigging opportunity at the moment to improve our skills and chemistry. We occasionally receive gigs for charity events too.

The guitarist we're looking for should be comfortable to do:

-both rhythm/lead
-both acoustic/electric
-transposing keys
- <30yrs
-any gender

Hit me up at 97523506 along with a sample video of you playing regardless of solo or in a group.

In the meantime, do check our band's instagram below: