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    *FREE Audio Editor*

    hi folks,

    if you have always been wanting to edit audio like i do but dunno where or how to begin...

    here's how it should go (for beginners)

    first, do you use MAC or Windows?

    if you use MAC, you should have Garageband and that should give you your first DAW - Digital Audio Workstation

    if you use Windows, and have little budget to buy a professional DAW, you can start by downloading



    Audacity is a free open source DAW which allows you to record, edit and mix.
    It is a beginner but FREE software for windows & mac user.

    for the Blur-Queens...

    you just need to
    1) Add track
    2) plug in a mic to your PC
    3) & record...

    if you strum an acoustic guitar, simple mic it in a separate track.

    So simple...

    try to figure out the software by trial and error... it should be fun...

    Have a great weekend!

    ^ ^
    Sky LAN

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