Want to play chords with your feet while you solo with your hands? How about modulating an LFO? Or perhaps you want to change patches with a single foot press?

Selling a Gordius Big Little Giant midi foot controller.

Has a full octave of footswitches at the bottom row (low C to high C, or how about E chords in different octaves, or how about a G chord with one press, a D#7 the next press, or a F on the next press, etc).

Plus there are two buttons D1 and D2 on the left that you could press to pull up a different layer for the thirteen lower buttons (patch changes? Octave up down).

In addition, there is a page up and down button that will let you navigate in the same way to a different patch or a different bank.

You can even do stuff like programme loops (keep playing E C D till you press the button again), logical programming (if an E chord is playing, button press will play a G, otherwise it will play an A) and other cool things.

Has a bright diplay that lets you see what's happening. And there's a free computer based editor that can let you programme the whole thing.

Two midi ins and two midi outs, so you can send separate commands to two separate keyboards (play E in one octave on one, play E in a higher octave on another), or even more (just set the midi to affect different channels. Or control your guitarists digital FX device patch changes, etc.

Price brand new is US$999, looking for $900, negotiable.

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