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Thread: 蓝天昱 《〈她妈的眼睛〉》LP launch July 31st 2019

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    蓝天昱 《〈她妈的眼睛〉》LP launch July 31st 2019

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    蓝天昱 《〈她妈的眼睛〉》LP launch July 31st 2019
    20180909 - 20190731

    1. 她妈的眼睛
    2. 政治家
    3. 离险龙
    4. 发呆
    5. 爱过的人
    6. 夜晚抱抱猫
    7. 唯一的爱
    8. 深夜
    9. 伤了又错
    10. 诺贝尔

    Dear folks,

    thank you for being with me for these past 1 year...

    thanks to

    to all musicians to jammed with me... from 2015 to now
    to Alexa, for singing some great demos
    to John, and Seng for excellent drumming
    to Joey, for the cheeky guitar during jam
    to Kris, for dynamic distortion guitaring
    to Rain, for being a good sister
    to Ally, for showcasing some terrific demos
    to Mel, who always pm me but i ignored her
    to Laudris, for the constant inspiration
    to Vivien, my beautiful but naughty cousin who always throw tantrums
    to Dada, for making me laugh... and the Twice sisters for entertainment
    to WanEr, for being my soulmate for the past 1 year...
    to Eve, who greet me Good Morning and Good Night every day, and is now with me
    to Carol, who networked for me
    to my 6 Aunties, including my departed 3rd Aunt, for bringing me up
    to Amy, who financed my projects
    and my MIA Dad Chou Fat, who never was there for my Awards

    and to Guanyin+Mary, for her blessings and protection in my daily commute

    ^ ^
    Sky LAN 蓝天昱

    P/S: my latest composition is 6. 夜晚抱抱猫 ... and after 31 July official launch, i shall observe the response before deciding whether it makes sense to sell CDs...

    Thanks for listening to my music in Soft Forum, the best music forum in Singapore.

    I just celebrated my 45th Bday, and if you are wondering why i launch my debut Album now?
    I have said before, from 2000-2019, I have been busy being Voice of Jay Chou 周杰伦 .

    谢谢你们 !
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    Re: 蓝天昱 《〈她妈的眼睛〉》LP launch July 31st 2019

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    hi folks,

    launching my LP + latest work


    ^ ^


    specially dedicated to my chihuahua Parpi (a fox) who behaves more like a cat than a

    this song is not in radio UFM1003 yet but you can listen to it at

    Track 6

    p/s: Songs free for download include
    Track 1 她妈的眼睛
    Track 2 政治家
    Track 5 爱过的人
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    Re: 蓝天昱 《〈她妈的眼睛〉》LP launch July 31st 2019

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    Parpi & Sky
    (My "Cat")

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    Re: 蓝天昱 《〈她妈的眼睛〉》LP launch July 31st 2019

    hi Folks,

    Instead of selling my LP songs on Reverbnation,

    I have now decided to let everyone in soft forum download for free. {click the arrow-down button}

    what happened in my life?
    As an Indie Musician, I am not properly paid all these years in doing music.
    I was given away as a baby for fostering and abused physically by my foster dad.
    My foster Mom is a very sarcastic women who only know how to buy people using money.
    My bio Mom only acknowledged me back at my age of 34. And my bio Dad Chou Fatt is a rich scumbag who cut ties with me since birth and never really done his part as a Father. So I am not inheriting anything from him under another legal name.
    If you think that by being the Voice of Jay Chou, I must be earning big bucks, you are wrong. I cannot tell you how much the record companies pay me all these years, but it is insulting.
    Apart from doing music arrangement, I also did quite a number of odd jobs, since the record companies mostly do not want to credit my work to my legal name and pay me accordingly, that is how sad things can be in the dirty record industry.

    I am just asking for crowd-funding to sustain my living as a freelance musician.

    If you like the free music i give to you, and wish to lend a helping hand,
    you may donate any amount to my at POSB Paynow - my number is 9093 Seven 088

    Thank you, for all these years of listening to my original music.
    Living in Singapore as an Indie Musician is a harsh reality because our Prime Minister is a rich cyclist who don't really understand the hardship of many musicians. He just enjoy regulating us. And i dislike him.

    For those of you who are going to COMPASS dinner on 15 Sep 2019, see you.

    I am currently heading a Revolutionary project in Arrangement.
    Let us unite and change Singapore music together.

    ^ ^
    Sky LAN

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