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    WTS: Boutique Drive Pedals

    Selling a couple of pedals as I'm looking to thin my collection. Do contact me @ 929seven79four5 if interested!

    Analogman Astrotone Fuzz (s/n 211) - $295
    This is an early batch Astrotone made with the original 1968 batch of Fairchild transistors that Mike managed to procure. 9/10 cosmetic 10/10 working condition. Superb fuzz that sits well in the mix.

    Foxrox Zim - $200
    Hand built dual-overdrive by Dave Fox. It’s in perfect working condition but the exterior is aged and has some minor blemishes, hence the low price. Currently loaded with a B9 (Ts-style) and a Tar+ (rat-clone) atm. This pedal has interchangeable circuit boards and it’s really cool so do check it out. Cosmetic is a 7/10, full working condition.

    Roger Mayer Voodoo Boost - $120
    This is an excellent clean boost pedal - does what it says on the tin. It also works great the end of your chain as a splitter as it has two buffered outputs. Great for splitting for wet/dry or even stereo setups. But it works and sounds great as a standard booster as well. Handmade in the UK by Roger Mayer. Cosmetic is a 7/10. Full working condition.

    Boss Digital Dimension Chorus DC-3 MIJ (Vintage circa 1988) - $250
    Selling this from my personal collection. In perfect working condition despite its age, has the LED replaced as the original bulb had burned out. Cosmetic is very good for a 30 year old pedal. Is a solid chorus that really shines in a stereo setup, is able to replicate the DC-2's famed effects with the rate knob down to zero. Very cool vibe for those chorus fans out there.
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