Hey there Soft Musicians!

My band is looking for a female keyboardist anywhere from 18 to 25 years old. We cover genres such as acid jazz, alternative rock, pop, pop punk, funk, contemporary as well as a bit of classic rock, and also compose originals across different genres from time to time. Here are the criteria we need for our ideal female keyboardist:

Non-music side:
1) Can commit to Friday nights (7pm onwards)
2) Is patient, responsive and understanding both online and offline
3) Passionate (not joining for the sake of just jamming)
4) Able to keep everyone happy - does not give off negative vibes.

Music side:
5) Is familiar with different sounds on the keyboard (i.e. synth, sawtooth, ethnic, strings)
6) Solid sense of rhythm and can synchronise / lock in tightly with the band
7) Can and will learn other genres, as well as adapt their playing style accordingly
8) Can understand basic scales (such as major, natural and harmonic minor scales) and functional harmony
9) Has her own keyboard.

We hope to start performing as soon as our line up is complete. Don't worry too much if the above criteria seem like a lot! Do PM me at 8143 3319 or drop me an email at alterbridge.rocks.2014@gmail.com if you're interested or wish to find out more.