Hi all,

For sale, a Conklin Groove Tools GT7 7 String Bass
Swamp Ash body, stunning Flame Maple top with the very cool perpendicular grain lines (love it when these happen on Les Pauls!)
7pc (!) neck - Wenge & Purpleheart with a Purpleheart fretboard
24 frets, neck is straight as an arrow with perfect low action. Slap, fingerstyle, chords, this bass does it all
Monstrous sounding Active Bartolini Pickups
Currently tuned - BEADGbe - like a 7 string guitar.
Looks crazy but is really comfortable to play. Balances well on a strap or on your knee.
Excellent++ condition, no dings or nicks, super babied and very well cared for. Thin well applied finish, you can see from the pictures.

*Full disclosure, the neutrik locking jack doesn't lock anymore, but that doesn't affect the bass in anyway. *

$1200 with gig bag, padded leather Levy's leather strap and I'll teach you the secret to putting together a 7 string set for the bass for cheap.

Please email minor9<AT>gmail.com for more info.

More info of the bass here : Conklin Catalogue