Hello guys, my band is looking for a female keyboardist between the age of 18-25. Our band covers a few genres like alternative rock, pop, pop-punk, funk, indie, classics, and abit of classic rock. And we sometimes do craft originals with no fixed genre during our free time.

Our requirements are that we need someone who is serious about us and can commit on one session every week (preferably Fridays). Someone who is patient, responsive in chat groups as well as being a good communicator and a team player (in person and online). And lastly (if possible) have their own keyboard.

Skill-wise, we need someone who has at least perform before and is familiar with the sounds of the keyboard, have a good sense of timing of being able to lock in tight with the band. Having the skill of being able to change their playing style is needed as well as sometimes we may want to open up some room for different interpretations of a song that the band might want to cover. Being familiar with functional harmony and some basic scales is useful too as even though we're not really crazy about theory but having some grasp and knowledge of it makes communication easier when learning or crafting songs.

And finally, the only non-musical skill that we need is to have an open and understanding mindset with everyone's song choices and the ability to keep the people around you happy.

We are hoping to start performing when our lineup is complete so if you are interested don't be afraid to PM me if you wish to know more.