Super Locrian Scale,Altered Scale or Diminished Whole Tone.
I Used To Have Nosebleeds Just By The Sound Of This Scale Names,When i was still A Young student i remember myself asking whats the need to memorize all this scales?when you can just play by heart.(thats what i always hear when i was growing up).and some of the jazz greats they have no jazz theory before,just jam sessions...but If they Can Play GIANT STEP'S,JOY SPRING,CEORA,ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE and all the Difficult JAZZ TUNES just By 'Playing By Heart' without knowing the Changes.Then i Wasted My Time Studying Jazz Theory.
A very Good Point.But all the jazz greats did there homework at home before they Go to Jam Sessions.They Experimented with Different Scales and Substitution.Now With the help Of Jazz Theory,our work is Halfway Done.
Super Locrian Scale,Altered Scale or Diminished Whole Tone.this is All The Same.3 Different Names But They Share The Same Notes.This Is The 7th Mode Of The Melodic Minor can play this scale over the dominant chord to create tension in your improvisation then release when Going To the Tonic Chord.Meaning(In Key Of C Major))In G7 Chord Play Ab Melodic Minor.(or Jazz Minor)Then On C major which is the tonic you can Play the Ionian Or Lydian Mode.Try To Experiment.And Together lets Search For Our Own Sound.
This Is Not Easy,up To Now Im Still practicing it A Lot.With A Lot Of patience and hard will Payoff one Day.Thanks Very Much.If You Have Questions Feel Free To Ask.