Diminished Scale Over Dominant 7b9 Chord.
There's A Hip Way To Add Spice To Your Lines.Here's One Of My video for My Back to Jazz School Series.This is About The Diminished Scale.It Took Me a Lot Of Practice and practice and many more practice to at least Incorporate this in my improvisation.I Still Have A Lot To learn.But I Just Want To share This to my Fellow Music Lover's Whose Tired Of Playing Diatonic Scales all there life.

The Chord Progression here is Dm7-G7b9-CM7. This Is The Concept In Any Dominant 7b9,7#9,7#11 etc Chord.Play the Whole Half Diminished scale half step above the dominant Chord.[G7b9 Play Ab Dim Scale Whole Half}. ..This is not a rule of thumb.Let Your Ear Always Decide.And that's the reason why we need to woodshed.we practice,Learn and experiment in our room.But on the Stage Were no longer Practicing,were supposed to be telling Stories.