Hey guys,

I'm the founder of GigFindr, if you haven't heard of us yet, what we do is we try to bring the community together because it's really scattered now. Bands are not getting full exposure and reach, fans are finding it a hard time to find live gigs through an endless scrolling through social media.

Over at GigFindr, we have built up a FREE app, currently on Android and iOS is in development. Launched over a week ago, we have a growing community of almost 20 musicians posting their live gigs in the app and almost 100 users everyday seeking gigs. We help bands get discovered and music lovers to connect with bands and find new bands easily!

Musicians, bands, i urge you to join our project to build the community together because this really would help you guys and your fans!

Do follow us over at Instagram and read more about what we do and the download link to Google play is in our Instagram bio: https://www.instagram.com/gigfindr.sg/

Feel free to dm us on Instagram for enquiries!

Bowie Chang