Up for sale is a rare Yamaha Sonare-2 Floydrose super-strat. You do not really see this around much, pretty rare and comes out of my own collection. Pure stock except the trem bar. There are some body damages near the trem due to the abusive trem usage over the few years but everything is working fine and has been sent to be restored by a luthier.

Lightweight ash body that just sings and sustains. Yamaha's own trem system at that time that does not require the ball ends to be cut. Shreds as well as any other fgn, Jackson, schecter, bc rich, charvel.

- Lightweight Ash Body
- Rockin Magi Pro II Trem Bridge
- Archtop
- 22 Fret Maple neck w/rosewood fretboard
- HH config w/ 5-way switching
- Push-push pot for splitting

Physical Condition 6.5/10
Working Condition 10/10

Cash and Carry, this guitar does come with a bag.

Only contact if you can meet asking price! Saves time for both of us.

Not looking to trade at all unless its a line 6 helix of some variant.

HMU gently.

Fender, Gibson, PRS, Suhr