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Thread: Private Beginner Vocal/keyboard lesson

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    Private Beginner Vocal/keyboard lesson


    I am JDanteC, I go by the stage name 夕言武. I have been learning music since I was 4. my journey have never stop. Currently, I am an actor with channel 8 and also an event artiste. I am also fortunate to be accredited with a distinction for my LCM Grade 8. I have learnt singing from Peter Tan(Ex-Mediacorp), Wu Jia Ming(Singer/Songwriter 咖啡屋) and song writing from Roy Li Fei Hui 黎沸揮(Singer Song Writer 愛如潮水,等你等到我心痛), Liu Zhi Wen (Written song for 那英 Na Ying 一笑而過)

    If you always wanted to sing a song or learn how to play the piano but don't know where to start, this is the best place for you. My music starters lesson will offer you a wide range of music spectrum, from pop to classical to test and see which area you are most suited for.

    If you want to learn a song for competition, I am also able to help teach you the song and correct your mistake at the same time helping you form your unique personality and also having a good stage presence.

    For advanced learner, I also offer lesson on the psychology of music, for you to better understand on how or why you may or may not achieve some things in your journey, but only to realise it is jus that your mental mind that restricts you.

    Be it in the fields of casual or competitive singing, I have up-to-date information of what is the latest requirement. I am always in constant contact with the teacher of Stephanie Sun and Nathan Hartono, Peter Tan. Having been taught under his wings, I have move on and also added more shortcut to my lesson structure. Stuff like Jin-Shin Jitsu, and how to control certain area of your body that can help you will also be covered.

    I currently offer 1 to 1 and group lessons for vocal, piano & keyboard. If you are keen to know more, you may contact me at 96759402

    I look forward to helping you kickstart your music journey and also getting you straight in the world of music industry.

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    Re: Private Beginner Vocal/keyboard lesson

    For those who want his service,
    Good to know his name is

    Jonathan Ng

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