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Thread: Great Guitar Pedalboard

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    Great Guitar Pedalboard

    For the serious recording or gigging Musician , this is an awesome pedal board, combining the switching of analog and digital pedals for your performances. Great tonal possibilities.

    Timeline :$610
    Big sky: $649
    Mobius $609)
    Zuma power supply : $369)
    Mxr 6 band eq :$ 129
    Steve Vai volume pedal : $130
    Morningstar mc6 : $315
    Morningstar ML5 $270
    Carl Martin double comp:SGD$425
    Wren and cuff Box of War: $315
    Ceriatone Overdrive: $350
    Boss digital delay : $120
    Custom made Studio slip bag ( ordered from US) : $221

    Total : $4512
    Board set up : $1097 ( GworX)
    Total : $5609


    10% off the whole board ( includes custom made bag ) if you get it whole!
    $5609 - $560 ( 10% off )
    It’s a $560 savings

    You can have a 5% discount on pedals bought individually.

    They are brand new !!!

    No hassle
    All done , customised
    Great tone and value

    All the research for these great combination of pedals and hard work for the combination of analog and midi switching done!
    You just plug and play !

    I have never had a chance to record or perform with this pedalboard gear.
    I was caught up with another assignment that took all my time.

    Now I am looking at letting this go as I need to scale down .

    These are Brand new pedals and board and unused!

    serious buyers please.
    Thank you
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