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Thread: Singer-Songwriter Needed!

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    Singer-Songwriter Needed!

    Hello there! I'm looking for a singer-songwriter to collaborate with me on my originals. I don't just want you to sing on my songs, it'll be great if we could write both the instrumentals and songs together. If you can play guitar too then that would be like butter on banana pancakes, but it's not necessary. Essentially, I'd like to form either an indie band or acoustic duo. I have a few demos you guys could listen to at . I previously played on with my old band but we broke up and my guitar is tired of my voice.

    I'm not entirely sure which genre my music belongs to but the band's music would revolve around guitars and maybe a little bass and keyboard if you're into that. Some of my influences include The National, The Smiths, Death Cab, Vance Joy, Daughter, Balmorhea, Bloc Party, Sigur Ros, Tokyo Police Club, and Baths. I'm open to many genres but I have a thing for melancholy indie music.

    I have gone through QUITE A FEW vocalists in my time here on earth. Many of them were either too busy or apathetic so I'm hoping to find someone who is as passionate about writing music as I am!

    Text/Whatsapp me at 91801686 or PM me if you're interested!

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