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Thread: ~Pianodrizzle~

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    Vox ~ Ally
    Keys ~ Sky
    Cajon ~ Ariela

    Jazzy MandoBand presenting live recordings (with studio edits)...


    3 May 2019

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    Re: ~Pianodrizzle~


    apologies for the overnight delay...

    couldn't find a suitable photo, so decided to do a sketch...

    presenting the song 怎样 Vox by Ally. Cajon by Ariela. I did the Keys, later added guitar and bass in post production.

    Live-recorded on 02may2019H

    do enjoy... we had fun jamming

    ^ ^

    03may19F (+ 3 hrs into next day)
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    Re: ~Pianodrizzle~

    Wow, the drawing...

    Is that how Ally looks like ?


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    Re: ~Pianodrizzle~

    No Mel.

    The lady I sketched is W, my ex band member.

    Is just an Illustration to depict the song.

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    Re: ~Pianodrizzle~

    actually, Mel

    u did invoke some thoughts in why I did not sketch Ally instead...

    1) My friendship with Ally just started... and it would be weird to sketch her in the middle of the night w/o her permission

    2) Sketching W was more of a subconsious idea rather than a deliberate effort... in fact, i was merely trying to draw a scenario whereby a girl cried after a separation... as in 怎样... but after finishing the portrait, the lady looked like W, to my amaze...

    i do hope one day i can sketch Ally on a more positive song. that, i would seek her permission first...

    ^ ^

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