Guitar lessons with a professional musician and teacher, for players of all levels!

I have over ten years of teaching experience, and hold a Diploma in Music Teaching (Level 6) and Grade 8 Guitar from Rockschool UK. I also am the guitar player for established artistes such as Sezairi and Tim De Cotta, and perform and record regularly. Lessons can be conducted at either my home, or at a studio in town.

Over the course of my own playing and learning journey, I have come to understand musical hurdles one may face at any point of time - be it transitioning cleanly between chords, wanting to be able to play our favourite songs and solos cleanly, technical difficulties with left-hand strength, understanding theory and applying it to the guitar, getting better at playing solos, wanting to expand chordal vocabulary, wanting to be able to play fingerstyle guitar, wanting to be able to write more interesting songs and guitar parts... etc.

I'm sure some of that will sound familiar to you, or you may even be facing one of these things head-on right about now.

Through the years of teaching, I have formulated solutions and lesson plans all aimed towards helping someone along in their musical journey, to fix their guitar-playing problems and to make progress feel effortless given time.

Let me help you reach your goals!

You can contact me at 87765818 for more information regarding lesson and fee structure. I can also link you to some videos of my existing students in action.

Thank you for your time.

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you can check out some clips of my playing on these two channels: