Official specs:

Scroll down to Quantum 6. Mine is same specs and also Quilted maple but black. Has Barts humbucking pickup and preamp.

Mine is made in 1999. and comes with a truss rod (which commands a significantly higher price and collectibility as earlier production Modulus neck without truss rods tend to have a higher action over time.)

So this bass has a very straight neck with low and even action.

Usual players scuffs and a ding or two for a 20 year old bass. Lacquer has a bit of cloudiness under it. Quite common for old basses using polyurethane of that era.I would rate it 8/10.

Modulus has filed for bankruptcy in dec 2013. So production has kinda stopped/signficantly, as far as I know. But they still at NAMM in 2018 and posting new product video. Whatever the case, Modulus' resale value has gone up in as with Kubicki and few companies whose founder have passed on or business folded.. Price can only go up. And graphite won't rot over time

Comes with beat-up but original moulded hardcase

New price is USD $6124 (as per their official website)

My asking price is half than half i.e.USD$2850 (x 1.4 = SGD$3990). Firm

If u can find one in the USA (ebay/talkbass/reverb), do factor in the shipping from seller to vpostusa warehouse (approx USD$100) and vpostusa to singapore (approx SGD$200) and 7% GST (Approx $250). Shipping + GST to singapore will set u back SGD$600

And you can't verify/try the bass first if u buy direct from TB/Reverb.

Selling this bass unwillingly to fund COE renewal. But not desperate. So will ignore low ballers

Pls whatsaap 900ate-five-five-seven-seven for photos or details.