Hello everyone! We are currently looking for a vocalist or rapper, drop an email to jenjmusic@gmail.com. We would like to look for someone who is able to work as a team, explore ideas and give feedbacks and suggestions. We are also fun and chill people who hangout during the production and filming period, less tension around us.

Disclaimers: For those who will ask. No payments needed and no reimbursements given, any budget spent on production will be shared by involving parties. For those who will be accepted, you will not immediately be confirmed as a member until the 3rd Music Video with your appearance.

Here are some of our projects...

有一种悲伤 Lofi / R&B / Rap Version (DUO)

说散就散 Groove Version (TRIO)

怎么了x安静 MASHUP Ballad Version (SOLO)