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Thread: Unique royal upright piano “weinberg”

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    Unique royal upright piano “weinberg”

    Brand: “WEINBERG”
    ONE YEAR WARRANTY* (see below)

    This custom made upright piano is the only one in the world having key-depth of 0.5cm (5mm) likewise all antique fortepianos and harpsichords in the past. Extremely easy to play! Modern pianos have 1cm key-depth, thus fingers need to travel twice more downwards in order to get the same sound.

    The piano is fully restored, with full overhaul of the action mechanics, it’s been tuned once a month regularly to upkeep a constant strings’ tension. Tuned into the ancient Equal Temperament of A432Hz. If requested - upon selling it could be tuned up to A440Hz (though not really recommended). Hammers have been voiced, producing a soft and mellow sound.

    The “black” keys are not in black colour but in gold (gilded). Pedals are also gilded with true gold-containing paint (with real gold grinded powder). Same for the crest (coat of arms) and the name-plate inside, under the lid.

    All the internal keys’ wooden bodies have been varnished in order to prevent from heat, humidity, scratch, impact and bugs, as well as for achieving an aesthetic look.
    The front-sides of the white keys come with custom decorations with wooden appearance, again for aesthetic effect.

    Original genuine brass candlesticks - can be adjusted right-to-left as needed. The candles are not real though - you can put real ones if you wish. Can be replaced for few seconds.

    Renner piano action parts inside. Made in Gärtringen (near Stuttgart), Germany.
    The parts are made of hornbeam wood. Trees cut between November and March when growth is slow and not so wet. Boards are then cut and air dried for one full year. Tolerances at Renner are less than 1/10th of 1 millimetre. Considered best actions worldwide!

    The Piano comes with an original stool - cabinet type, genuine leather - made by the piano factory; matching the color, finish and the same curvature of the legs as the piano ones.

    You can’t buy such a unique piano just by seeing pictures, please enquire and come to try and hear the sound yourself! Surely you have never heard a piano sound like this! Guaranteed you will love it! ❤️
    More photos are available, upon request.

    And last but not least - the piano comes with 1 YEAR WARRANTY (from the day after you deliver at your place and provided movers have not damaged the piano during transportation) for any defects (if any) related to the action mechanics, and ONE COMPLEMENTARY tuning+voicing+regulation within the same warranty period of 1 year!

    Watsapp/SMS me at HP# 84846531 (Jivko).
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