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Thread: Singapore Fingerstyle Ukulele Course

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    Singapore Fingerstyle Ukulele Course


    Many associate ukulele as strummed instrument. It's actually right, but it could do so much more than that.
    With some understanding of music concept and some skill we can play a ukulele as an orchestral instrument to play the chord & melody simultaneously.

    I teach ukulele with this approach to bring out more potentials from this beautiful instrument.

    Here're some samples from live performances and the classroom :


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    Re: Singapore Fingerstyle Ukulele Course

    Choon Mei has been learning this iconic Hawaiian song. She knows the scale concept, the position on the fingerboard, the chord progression, chord shapes and the special inversions to play it as a solo piece using just a solfege notation (without TAB).

    Learning to understand the parts of the song seperately benefits in many things, in modulation, in playing the melody in the band/ensemble, playing the chords to accompany some singing, or to combine the chord & the melody together.

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    Re: Singapore Fingerstyle Ukulele Course


    Have you watched Andy Rowell, the America's Got Talent contestant who won the judges' heart by singing Tequila with his karaoke music?
    I think he's hilarious

    Here's an inspired video in ukulele style :

    Hope you enjoy it, MAHALO

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