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Thread: Ukulele Courses in Ensemble

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    Ukulele Courses in Ensemble


    I'm a finalist of International Ukulele Competition 2018 & 2019 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

    In 2019 SURE (Singapore Ukulele Revival), the group I coach won the 2nd prize in group category of the same competition.

    They all started from my classes at Bishan CC & RCs. Here are some snippet from the classes :

    We just started the CC class last Saturday.
    In case you want to join this Saturday (counter registration), you'll still be able to catch up. Here's the details :
    Elementary :
    Intermediate :

    Other intermediate class at Bishan East Zone 2 RC on Mondays 8-9.30pm will be starting once the registration hits 10 pax.
    Call Florence for registration (62594720)

    A new ukulele class "Strum, Pluck & Sing" at Bishan east Zone 3 RC will be starting soon once the registration hits 10 pax.
    Call Mdm Paridah for registration (83114850 - only for phone & sms), or register online at :

    Let's have fun with ukulele & see you in the classroom

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    Re: Ukulele Courses in Ensemble

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    Re: Ukulele Courses in Ensemble


    This is a classic song composed by Solomon Linda in 1939 which now is in Disney Lion King movie.

    It's fun to play this song in ensemble. Here's the snippet of our ensemble during some event at Bishan CC

    And here's our ensemble playing a Josh Groban's famous song :

    Hope you like it

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    Re: Ukulele Courses in Ensemble


    It was 2 years back some time before National Day we learnt this song :

    Now our group has grown into 50 pax in 2 classes (total of elementary & intermediate classes)

    For you who wants to learn ukulele, here we have some upcoming classes at @Bishan CC :

    In ELEMENTARY Class - you'll learn the music foundation such as : music notation concept, notes mapping on fingerboard, solfege concept, solfege application on fingerboard, basic harmony (chord family), proper left hand fingering, various right hand plucking techniques, melody playing, strumming, ear training, etc.

    It's suitable for total beginner & ones who already strum the ukulele but want to learn the foundational knowledge of how ukulele works. Creativity only begins when we understand the concept, it's the ability to construct & deconstruct the music.

    Here's the link for registration for our Saturday classes :

    Some snippets from elementary class :

    In INTERMEDIATE Class - you'll be learning in ensemble that train you to listen to each other while focusing on your part, assorted strumming & plucking style, more advanced theory, etc.

    Some snippets from both classes :

    For those who can't join on Saturday we have Monday night class at Bishan East Zone 2 RC :

    Some snippet from RC class :

    And other GOOD NEWS, we have an upcoming Ukulele Camp & Fun Holiday 2019.
    Here's snippet of the last year camp :

    If you can strum you can join & contribute in our ensemble song. Bring your family along this long weekend.

    Here's the link :

    See you in the classroom & hopefully in our fun camp too


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    Re: Ukulele Courses in Ensemble


    Ukulele is a portable instrument that could be played with simplicity, but it's also potentially deep enough to accommodate your "more complex" idea. You could playfully express your beautiful musical "poetry" through it.

    We have some opening for those who want to learn music "language" through ukulele @Bishan East Zone 2 RC :

    Beside learning music through ukulele, learning in ensemble will train the student in working as team, supporting each other, sharing the joy & the responsibilities, etc.

    Here are some samples :

    See you in the classroom, MAHALO

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    Re: Ukulele Courses in Ensemble

    Saya sedang mencari seorang guru musik di kawasan itu! Berharap bahwa dia akan ada di jiwa, lebih banyak yang sekarang ada kekosongan guru musik di - ini adalah aplikasi yang sangat menguntungkan dan pekerjaan yang baik!

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