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Thread: WTS: PRS DGT. Rare. New Condition

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    WTS: PRS DGT. Rare. New Condition

    So I bought a Charcoal Purple Burst DGT from Andertons three months ago and love it.
    But in a business trip, I also bought a very beautiful Purple Private Stock, so I have to retro-actively generate the cash.

    Brand new condition, unmodified and barely played (beyond making two Youtube videos)

    A regretted sale, but I think it should make someone very happy, as this guitar is not found easily in Singapore, but is very popular globally.

    The DGT is the PRS for you if you like Tele's and to some extent, Les Pauls

    Video comparison with a 594 below

    Ping me at nine-zero-0-5-8056.

    And strictly, NO TRADES
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