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Thread: 蓝天昱 Track 07 ~ 唯一的爱 Only Love

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    蓝天昱 Track 07 ~ 唯一的爱 Only Love

    hi folks,


    蓝天昱 Track 07 ~ 唯一的爱 Only Love

    This lovely KOREAN STYLE ballad will be available for purchase in Spotify from 1st April 2019 (Monday).



    太阳的后代 ~ 第五季
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    Re: 蓝天昱 Track 07 ~ 唯一的爱 Only Love

    Personal note:

    Dear Wan Er,

    It has been fate that we met last year.

    You have been a wonderful artiste under my SkyStudios projects. I thank you for the time and effort commited.

    I have decided to treat you as just a good friend and nothing else.
    Another Girl by the name of Vivien deserves my love and life-partnership more than you because of the following:

    1) She has known me for much longer time than you.
    2) She has admired me for a very long time, but just expressed it recently.
    3) She has never brought her Ex to make me angry like you do.
    4) She is very sad that I had a relationship with you, and she has cried many nights.

    Based on the above four (4) reasons, I am very convinced that she loves me much more than you.
    You only LOVE playing hide & seek games.

    And I also love her, it is just that for the past one year, her parents are not very supportive of the relationship because my income as a musician is unstable.

    But now, i have another job and i have convinced her parents to accept me.

    I have already proposed to Vivien. I will marry her.

    And I will love her and honour her for the rest of my life, after we (VivienSky) are married.

    I wish you smooth journey ahead in whichever path you take.

    Take care. I will not continue your LP project.

    ^ ^

    19mar19T 00:03hr
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