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Thread: Audrey loves 爱过的人

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    Audrey loves 爱过的人


    im Audrrrrrrrrrrrrrrey !

    Audrey loves 爱过的人

    about me:
    I am 17 from JC. Loves mandopop and trying to improve my Chinese. I listen to english stations since P6 and thus my chinese diction still need improving...

    Thanks Sky for giving me the minus1 of the original key, it was pretty challenging recording at this key.


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    Re: Audrey loves 爱过的人 I the only one who takes part in this contest?

    if the deadline is over, is this considered a walk-over, Sky?


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    Re: Audrey loves 爱过的人

    hi Audrey,

    actually, i never expect the response to be so... i mean i am glad YOU took part...

    now that you have mentioned... ya... if on 6th April 2019 (Sat), deadline over and IF you are the only participant, then
    there will be a


    and I do not need to judge and there will not be VOTES counted at all.

    pursuant to the clauses i laid down now, i shall declare you, Audrey Leong, winner of the 爱过的人 singing contest.

    All Singaporeans, i hope you understand how things work in our country.

    ^ ^

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    Re: Audrey loves 爱过的人

    Today is 8th April 2019 (Monday Blues)

    Pursuant to section 101 of the SkyStudios contest rules,

    I declare you, AUDREY LEONG, winner of the 爱过的人 singing contest, by


    (The 900 votes as of 07apr2019 0000hr are irrelevant)

    I will personally contact you, Audrey, and award you with the Certificate of Achievement plus signing of a simple contract to execute a recording project.

    Thank you very muchie... you made my day girl...

    kind regards,

    ^ ^
    Sky LAN

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