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Thread: *Mandoband Rejuvenation

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    *Mandoband Rejuvenation

    LF a mando drummer to band in 1-2 weeks time

    songs: soda green, mayday, etc

    commitment: once per 3-4 weeks

    studio in chinatown or orchard

    weekday evening 8pm till morning 8am... kidding... 8-10pm



    your fullname, gender, age (23-30), hp number, self intro, and a link to your mando drumming

    we start 3-piece. female vox and an intermediate keyboarder ready to roll... drummer can be lady or manhunt, just dont be late

    bass can add later

    this is not a guitar band , so drummers who must insist guitars can skip...

    see ya!
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    Re: *Mandoband Rejuvenation

    sweet lady vocalist found.

    mando drummers,

    you may

    1) wait for us to put up a sample of her singing in 3 days time
    2) apply now.

    the fastest and competent will start with us on jamming in april 2019.
    gigs may roll in may or june 2019.

    bassists...standby in april for audition after 3-piece is formed.

    we will make it 4.

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