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Thread: 最长的电影 Sky=Jay Chou (NG take)

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    最长的电影 Sky=Jay Chou (NG take)

    hi folks,

    do take time to listen to my 最长的电影 (NG take)
    warning: some parts can sound HORRIBLE


    if record company wants to sue me, i will see them in court.
    reporters, please come and support!

    please also vote for this song in UFM1003 's U选1000
    I really put in a lot of effort in singing this version in March 2013.

    Vote for me! I am running for 周杰伦

    ^ ^

    p/s: 婉儿,我们认识三年了。。。电影还没有完。。。 T T 我爱你, 跟我一辈子,好吗?

    The official 最长的电影 MV:
    The Voice is Sky. The model is a Taiwanese.
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