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    Quote Originally Posted by skystudios View Post
    well, you can sue me... i shall see you in STATE

    have a good night, if you are the brother of that female vocalist...

    and... to you again... i am NOT Jay Chou...

    ^ ^
    Nah I dunno which female vocalist you are talking about, I do have a sister though but I am sure she has nothing to do with this fiasco.

    As mentioned, it will be too much of a hassle to sue you or what not, I'd rather be standing here and get myself entertained
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    Re: Talents wanted

    yo brother, thanks for watching...

    i actually don't like to go Court... too time wasting though i am confident i will walk out a winner.

    do support my delusional Jay Chou covers in offical youtube videos.... many of them.... i spent so many delusional hours in recording studio and drank so much beer...

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    Re: Talents wanted

    hi Talents,

    we received an email from a Willa asking what kind of talents we are looking for and what they are required to do after being scouted...

    hmm... we would like to say to Willa, you probably read, but did not properly digest our initial post.

    We have three wings:

    1) band - for training
    2) recording studio - demo (training) - finalmix (we groom online artistes, eg Wan Er, Alexa)
    3) pub gigs or events - for those already quite pro but seeking avenues to perform. we are currently recruiting for weekday nights... paid gigs

    We used to have a music publishing wing but today, people prefer to sign directly with BIG LABELS from Taiwan or China, so we decided to KIV this wing till further notice.

    We hope we have answered your questions.

    Should any of you feel our recruitment is a little "bias", I can understand from your perspective, but please understand from ours too. The entertainment world is like an ocean, you will not survive the Sharks if you are timid like the dory fish.

    Nemo, wru?

    We pick the best. And personality & attitude matters, on top of competency.

    kind regards,

    ^ ^


    p/s: dont come to us if you dont trust us. there are many music schools in SG. some are run by gay brothers or sisters. very transparent
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