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Thread: *SALE* Sire P7 Ash 5 Strings

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    *SALE* Sire P7 Ash 5 Strings

    If youíre looking here, then youíve probably heard of the SIRE revolution! Are you looking to discover whatís all the hype about? Searching for the most value for money bass in the market right now? Wanting a quality instrument that can bring your skills to the next level? Look no further! In this price range, SIRE bass guitars are a cut above the rest of the competition.

    This beautiful SIRE MARCUS MILLER P7 ASH 5 Strings Bass Guitar had been meticulously set up for fast playing and is all ready for you to plug it in and play. Youíll definitely love it once youíve tried it

    *Warning G.A.S ahead*

    Nearly New Condition 9.9/10. Completely no nicks/dings/cracks. This bass is in absolutely pristine condition. Tobacco Sunburst finish with a beautiful pearloid pickguard to match the pearloid block inlays on the fingerboard.

    Equipped with sire proprietary pickups that were developed in consultation with Marcus miller. Neck pickup tone is fat and full, just how a vintage P pickup should sound. Bridge pickup tone is growly and modern. Using both pickups together unleashes a perfect blend of mind blowing growl and fullness. Together with the SIRE preamp's multiple tone controls, you can have total command in finding and getting the tone you want. The player can have versatility in sound that can be suited for all occasions of music sessions.

    Swamp Ash Body with the option of string through. Beautiful grain on the body thatís conventionally found on high end, expensive guitars. This is vastly different from the cheaper alder body ones. Premium Swamp Ash tonewood is usually found in higher priced instruments. Swamp Ash tonewood is known to produce a well-balanced tone. It is highly resonant and offers a delicate balance of pleasant highs, firm lows, and a slightly scooped midrange which is excellent for slap playing.

    Upgraded with Gotoh 404BO-5 Bridge (Worth $200). This is a huge step up from the original bridge that came with the bass. Sustain and intonation is improved significantly with this japanese made, high quality, precise bass bridge. In addition, this is coated with Gotohís high end X-Finish which repels dirt and dust, enhancing its durability and functionality.

    This bass comes with maple fingerboard for that bright, snappy tone that cuts through the mix easily. Frets are still extremely new and still has plenty of life left in them.

    Beautiful headstock with no nicks or dings. Bass has a bone nut to deliver a balanced, clear and smooth tone.

    Upgraded with state of the art, highest precision Schaller bass tuners (Worth $200). These are ultra light weight tuners that enhances tuning precision. Now, the bass stays accurately in tune for longer periods of time. It also helps in the overall balance of the bass, making it comfortable to play it sitting down or standing up.

    Comes with a brand new sire gig bag that is well padded and worth about $85 (Ä55 on Thomann)

    If youíre still on the fence about this bass, just do a quick search on YouTube or Talkbass and youíll be utterly convinced of the quality of these instruments. Hereís a simple demo to seal the deal! (Credits to Rama Lesmana Natanael)

    As of today, this bass has more than $500 worth of upgrades in it. For a limited time only, it is going for a crazy price of $1,149. To sweeten the deal, I will throw in the original tuners and bridge if my price is met! Iím not looking for trades Genuine buyers only, low ballers will not get a reply! Please contact 92-three two-124-zero for more info.
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    Re: *SALE* Sire P7 Ash 5 Strings

    Weekend price drop to $1099!
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    Re: *SALE* Sire P7 Ash 5 Strings

    Feel free to hit me up with trades!
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