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Thread: 爱过的人 ~ Alexa

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    爱过的人 ~ Alexa

    hi Folks,

    you have listened to 婉儿
    you have listened to 蓝天昱
    You have even sung the karaoke version yourself or with friends...
    now, listen to the original demo singer of 爱过的人 ~ Alexa

    note: i have remixed and replayed bass and piano parts.

    Alexa dubbed the original demo in Apr 2017, using her phone (thus the vocal track captured some noises)
    The demo was handed over to 婉儿 in 2018.

    Both Alexa & 婉儿 had their strengths in performance, but why was 婉儿 awarded the project?

    answer will be out in a few days time... meanwhile do support Alexa 's version of 爱过的人.

    ^ ^
    1 March 2019

    P/S: Thank you Alexa for singing the demo, without which there will be no Wan Er or Lantianyu version today.

    the song can also be streamed and downloaded at
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    Re: 爱过的人 ~ Alexa


    as of 05mar19T 1;30am, Alexa's version has 674 views, exceeding Wan Er's 628.

    Rewinding the time, i clearly recall that i felt Alexa's voice was the SYT type, and was actively looking for another more mature one; one with a 'crying tone'. So when Wan Er auditioned, i felt that hers was the one more suitable for this song.

    I am happy for you, Alexa, that your version received such great response.

    ^ ^
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    Re: 爱过的人 ~ Alexa

    as of 06mar19W 12:33am, Alexa version thread views is heart almost heart attack...

    how did this happen? is the number going to crash the ceiling of 1000 by tomolo?

    Wan Er, yours is still 630 leh... TT 你可能得重唱。。。

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    Re: 爱过的人 ~ Alexa

    as of 07mar19H 8.56am, Alexa version thread views is 1017, it has broken the glass ceiling !

    i have an idea, ladies...

    i am going to start a friendly competition , issue out the minus1 of the song and ask for different versions to challenge
    Alexa's version.

    ^ ^

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