Up for sale is a super mint Kiesel CL7 headless guitar. This is the signature guitar of Chris Letchford.

Shiny blue sparkle finish that's pretty rare for a Kiesel guitar (huge mark up). Pickups have been swapped out for Instrumental Pickups SFTY3-7 IIRC. Chambered mahogany body, fan-fret, stainless steel frets, set-through neck, flamed maple fretboard.

Physical Condition 9/10
Working Condition 10/10

This is as extra-over-the-top-attention-seeking as it gets for a stage guitar. Djenty af too.

Kiesel Guitars is excited to team up with renown progressive guitarist Chris Letchford to offer the new CL7 Signature Multiscale Headless Guitar. Available in 6, 7 and 8 string models, the Chris Letchford Series are set-through neck instruments, with a mahogany chambered body and plain maple top. The set-through neck stops right before the bridge pickup, and allows the same high fret access as a shaved-heel neck-through instrument, with the warm tones traditionally associated with a set-neck instrument.

Not looking for trades, looking to liquidate.
Comes with original Kiesel bag and I'll throw in a strap.

Recently setup by the good dudes at 35guitaravenue if you search youtube you'll see Mr. Dhalif playing this one.


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