1. Pettyjohn Gold - 9.5/10 - with box and manual - 260sgd

2. Pettyjohn Chime - 9.5/10 - with box and manual - 230sgd

3. Leqtique Redemptionist aka Red - Made in Japan - versatile overdrive with amp-like characteristics - unit only. 170sgd

4. Leqtique Maestoso aka MAT - Made in Japan - a higher gain version of a Tubescreamer. - unit only. 140sgd

5. XTS Atomic - 8.5/10 - knobs have been changed to white and gold from black by the original owner. unit only. 200sgd

6. Xotic BB Preamp - 8/10. 3 of the 4 backplate screws are missing. unit only. 120sgd

7. Keeley GC-2 Compressor/Limiter - Excels as volume limiter to balance out your overall sound and highly recommended at the end of the signal chain. Check out the Pete Thorn demo vid for this pedal's capabilities. With box and manual. 160sgd

8. Henretta Green Zapper Auto Filter - Made in USA mini pedal(2" x 2"). 90sgd. with box and manual.

9. Fredric Effects Super Unpleasant Companion Fuzz - 9/10. Combines Shin-Ei FY-2 Companion and FY-6 Superfuzz circuits in one cool wedge enclosure. with box and manual. 180sgd

10. Solidgoldfx Electroman Delay - 8/10. A warm analog delay with effects loop for inserting effects in the repeats. 120sgd.

For trades, I'm looking for the following:
Squier Classic Vibe Tele or Strat
Fender Duo Sonic

If interested, please contact 96406792. Thanks